Recognition of the research work of Angel Montero’s team: publication of a new scientific article on retinoblastoma.

From the Foundation it is encouraging that researchers as powerful as the ones that we have in the scientific team are dedicated to this minority disease, the retinoblastoma.

In this case, we are very happy to announce that Dr. Angel Montero and his team have published the article “Identification of immunosuppressive factors in retinoblastoma cell secretomes and aqueous humour from patients” in the journal “The Journal of Pathology“. The results obtained may have a great impact in the field of biomarkers and the treatment of retinoblastoma. Other members of our scientific committee also participate in this article, such as: Dr. Genoveva Correa, Dr. Guillermo Chantada and Dr. Jaume Català.

The link to see the summary of the publication is the following:

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