Scientific committee


Dr. Jaume Català Mora

Pediatric Intraocular Tumor Unit Coordinator. Sant Joan de Déu Hospital

Dr. Guillermo Chantada

Dr. Guillermo L Chantada

Scientific Director Hematology-Oncology Service, Hospital Pereira Rossell, Fundacion Perez Scremini, Montevideo. Associate Physician Hematology-Oncology Service, Hospital Sant Joan de Deu. Elected President of SIOP. Past-President SLAOP. Coordinator of EURbG.


Dra. María Genoveva Correa Llano

Pediatric oncology. HM Nens Hospital.

Ángel Montero Carcaboso

Dr. Angel Montero Carcaboso

Pediatric oncology. Sant Joan de Déu Research Institute. Sant Joan de Déu Hospital


Dra. María Teresa Sola Martínez

Interventional neuroradiographer / Intraarterial chemotherapy. Sant Joan de Déu Hospital

Dra. Ester Casas

Coordinator of the Congenital disorders of the palpebral and ocular development unit. Sant Joan de Déu Hospital


Dra. Mar Fatjó-Vilas Mestre

Director of the Genetics Laboratory of FIDMAG. Researcher of the CIBER de Salut Mental and associate professor of the Faculty of Biology of the UB.

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